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@@ -524,13 +524,6 @@ public:
PTR_LoaderAllocator GetLoaderAllocator();
- // GetLoaderAllocatorForCode returns the allocator with the responsibility for allocation.
- // This is called from GetMulticallableAddrOfCode when allocating a small trampoline stub for the method.
- // Normally a method in a shared domain will allocate memory for stubs in the shared domain.
- // That has to be different for DynamicMethod as they need to be allocated always in the AppDomain
- // that created the method.
- LoaderAllocator * GetLoaderAllocatorForCode();
// GetDomainSpecificLoaderAllocator returns the collectable loader allocator for collectable types
// and the loader allocator in the current domain for non-collectable types
LoaderAllocator * GetDomainSpecificLoaderAllocator();