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// See the LICENSE file in the project root for more information.
#include ""
+#include "asmconstants.h"
+// This function creates a stack frame right below the target frame, restores all callee
+// saved registers, SP, and LR from the passed in context.
+// Then it uses the ThrowExceptionHelper to throw the passed in exception from that context.
+// EXTERN_C void ThrowExceptionFromContextInternal(CONTEXT* context, PAL_SEHException* ex);
LEAF_ENTRY ThrowExceptionFromContextInternal, _TEXT
+ // Save the FP & LR to the stack so that the unwind can work at the instruction after
+ // loading the FP from the context, but before loading the SP from the context.
+ stp fp, lr, [sp, -16]!
+ ldp x19,x20, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X19)]
+ ldp x21,x22, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X21)]
+ ldp x23,x24, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X23)]
+ ldp x24,x25, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X24)]
+ ldp x26,x27, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X26)]
+ ldp x28,fp, [x0, #(CONTEXT_X28)]
+ ldr lr, [x0, #(CONTEXT_Pc)]
+ ldr x2, [x0, #(CONTEXT_Sp)]
+ mov sp, x2
+ // The PAL_SEHException pointer
+ mov x0, x1
+ b EXTERNAL_C_FUNC(ThrowExceptionHelper)
LEAF_END ThrowExceptionFromContextInternal, _TEXT