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+// Licensed to the .NET Foundation under one or more agreements.
+// The .NET Foundation licenses this file to you under the MIT license.
+// See the LICENSE file in the project root for more information.
+using System.Globalization;
+namespace System.Reflection
+ public abstract class Binder
+ {
+ protected Binder() { }
+ public abstract FieldInfo BindToField(BindingFlags bindingAttr, FieldInfo[] match, object value, CultureInfo culture);
+ public abstract MethodBase BindToMethod(BindingFlags bindingAttr, MethodBase[] match, ref object[] args, ParameterModifier[] modifiers, CultureInfo culture, string[] names, out object state);
+ public abstract object ChangeType(object value, Type type, CultureInfo culture);
+ public abstract void ReorderArgumentArray(ref object[] args, object state);
+ public abstract MethodBase SelectMethod(BindingFlags bindingAttr, MethodBase[] match, Type[] types, ParameterModifier[] modifiers);
+ public abstract PropertyInfo SelectProperty(BindingFlags bindingAttr, PropertyInfo[] match, Type returnType, Type[] indexes, ParameterModifier[] modifiers);
+ }