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diff --git a/src/jit/ssabuilder.h b/src/jit/ssabuilder.h
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--- a/src/jit/ssabuilder.h
+++ b/src/jit/ssabuilder.h
@@ -164,8 +164,8 @@ private:
// block of those handlers.
void AddDefToHandlerPhis(BasicBlock* block, unsigned lclNum, unsigned count);
- // Same as above, for "Heap".
- void AddHeapDefToHandlerPhis(BasicBlock* block, unsigned count);
+ // Same as above, for memory.
+ void AddMemoryDefToHandlerPhis(MemoryKind memoryKind, BasicBlock* block, unsigned count);
// Requires "block" to be non-NULL. Requires "pRenameState" to be non-NULL and be currently used
// for variables renaming. Assigns the rhs arguments to the phi, i.e., block's phi node arguments.