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diff --git a/src/debug/ee/controller.cpp b/src/debug/ee/controller.cpp
index 7f4d44568d..3a87fdf166 100644
--- a/src/debug/ee/controller.cpp
+++ b/src/debug/ee/controller.cpp
@@ -2824,6 +2824,8 @@ DPOSS_ACTION DebuggerController::DispatchPatchOrSingleStep(Thread *thread, CONTE
CrstHolderWithState lockController(&g_criticalSection);
+ TADDR originalAddress = 0;
DebuggerControllerPatch *dcpEnCOriginal = NULL;
@@ -2878,7 +2880,7 @@ DPOSS_ACTION DebuggerController::DispatchPatchOrSingleStep(Thread *thread, CONTE
// If we setip, then that will change the address in the context.
// Remeber the old address so that we can compare it to the context's ip and see if it changed.
// If it did change, then don't dispatch our current event.
- TADDR originalAddress = (TADDR) address;
+ originalAddress = (TADDR) address;
#ifdef _DEBUG
// If we do a SetIP after this point, the value of address will be garbage. Set it to a distictive pattern now, so
@@ -4486,7 +4488,7 @@ void DebuggerPatchSkip::DebuggerDetachClean()
// THIS FIX IS INCOMPLETE!It attempts to update the IP in the cases we can easily detect.However,
// if a thread is in pre - emptive mode, and its filter context has been propagated to a VEH
// context, then the filter context we get will be NULL and this fix will not work.Our belief is
- // that this scenario is rare enough that it doesn’t justify the cost and risk associated with a
+ // that this scenario is rare enough that it doesnt justify the cost and risk associated with a
// complete fix, in which we would have to either :
// 1. Change the reference counting for DebuggerController and then change the exception handling
// logic in the debuggee so that we can handle the debugger event after detach.