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+// Copyright (c) Microsoft. All rights reserved.
+// Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.
+#ifndef _JitDebugger
+#define _JitDebugger
+extern bool breakOnDebugBreakorAV; // It's kind of awful that I'm making this global, but it was kind of awful that it was file-global already.
+// Functions to support just-in-time debugging.
+BOOL GetRegistryLongValue(HKEY hKeyParent, // Parent key.
+ LPCWSTR szKey, // Key name to look at.
+ LPCWSTR szName, // Name of value to get.
+ long *pValue, // Put value here, if found.
+ BOOL fReadNonVirtualizedKey); // Whether to read 64-bit hive on WOW64
+HRESULT GetCurrentModuleFileName(__out_ecount(*pcchBuffer) LPWSTR pBuffer, __inout DWORD *pcchBuffer);
+#ifndef _WIN64
+BOOL RunningInWow64();
+BOOL IsCurrentModuleFileNameInAutoExclusionList();
+HRESULT GetDebuggerSettingInfoWorker(__out_ecount_part_opt(*pcchDebuggerString, *pcchDebuggerString) LPWSTR wszDebuggerString, DWORD * pcchDebuggerString, BOOL * pfAuto);
+void GetDebuggerSettingInfo(LPWSTR wszDebuggerString, DWORD cchDebuggerString, BOOL *pfAuto);
+int DbgBreakCheck(const char* szFile, int iLine, const char* szExpr);
+#endif // !_JitDebugger