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+// Licensed to the .NET Foundation under one or more agreements.
+// The .NET Foundation licenses this file to you under the MIT license.
+// See the LICENSE file in the project root for more information.
+#ifndef _ICorJitHostImpl
+#define _ICorJitHostImpl
+// ICorJitHost
+// ICorJitHost provides the interface that the JIT uses to access some functionality that
+// would normally be provided by the operating system. This is intended to allow for
+// host-specific policies re: memory allocation, configuration value access, etc. It is
+// expected that the `ICorJitHost` value provided to `jitStartup` lives at least as
+// long as the JIT itself.
+// ICorJitHostImpl: declare for implementation all the members of the ICorJitHost interface (which are
+// specified as pure virtual methods). This is done once, here, and all implementations share it,
+// to avoid duplicated declarations. This file is #include'd within all the ICorJitHost implementation
+// classes.
+// NOTE: this file is in exactly the same order, with exactly the same whitespace, as the ICorJitHost
+// interface declaration (with the "virtual" and "= 0" syntax removed). This is to make it easy to compare
+// against the interface declaration.
+ // Allocate memory of the given size in bytes. All bytes of the returned block
+ // must be initialized to zero. If `usePageAllocator` is true, the implementation
+ // should use an allocator that deals in OS pages if one exists.
+ void* allocateMemory(size_t size, bool usePageAllocator = false);
+ // Frees memory previous obtained by a call to `ICorJitHost::allocateMemory`. The
+ // value of the `usePageAllocator` parameter must match the value that was
+ // provided to the call to used to allocate the memory.
+ void freeMemory(void* block, bool usePageAllocator = false);
+ // Return an integer config value for the given key, if any exists.
+ int getIntConfigValue(
+ const wchar_t* name,
+ int defaultValue
+ );
+ // Return a string config value for the given key, if any exists.
+ const wchar_t* getStringConfigValue(
+ const wchar_t* name
+ );
+ // Free a string ConfigValue returned by the runtime.
+ // JITs using the getStringConfigValue query are required
+ // to return the string values to the runtime for deletion.
+ // This avoids leaking the memory in the JIT.
+ void freeStringConfigValue(
+ const wchar_t* value
+ );