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diff --git a/publish-packages.cmd b/publish-packages.cmd
index 760452a128..5831d29cc2 100644
--- a/publish-packages.cmd
+++ b/publish-packages.cmd
@@ -1,37 +1,23 @@
@if "%_echo%" neq "on" echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
-set packagesLog=publish-packages.log
-echo Running publish-packages.cmd %* > %packagesLog%
+if /I [%1] == [-?] goto Usage
+if /I [%1] == [-help] goto Usage
-set options=/nologo /v:minimal /flp:v=detailed;Append;LogFile=%packagesLog%
-set allargs=%*
-if /I [%1] == [/?] goto Usage
-if /I [%1] == [/help] goto Usage
-REM ensure that msbuild is available
-echo Running init-tools.cmd
-call %~dp0init-tools.cmd
-echo msbuild.exe %~dp0src\publish.proj !options! !allargs! >> %packagesLog%
-call msbuild.exe %~dp0src\publish.proj !options! !allargs!
-if NOT [%ERRORLEVEL%]==[0] (
- echo ERROR: An error occurred while publishing packages, see %packagesLog% for more details.
- exit /b 1
-echo Done publishing packages.
-exit /b
+echo %~dp0run.cmd publish-packages %*
+call %~dp0run.cmd publish-packages %*
+@exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%
echo Publishes the NuGet packages to the specified location.
+echo -? - Prints Usage
+echo -help - Prints Usage
echo For publishing to Azure the following properties are required.
-echo /p:CloudDropAccountName="account name"
-echo /p:CloudDropAccessToken="access token"
-echo /p:__BuildType="Configuration"
-echo /p:__BuildArch="Architecture"
+echo -AzureAccount="account name"
+echo -AzureToken="access token"
+echo -BuildType="Configuration"
+echo -BuildArch="Architecture"
echo Architecture can be x64, x86, arm, or arm64
echo Configuration can be Release, Debug, or Checked
exit /b \ No newline at end of file