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Fix for ARM secure delegate non-standard register arg
For ARM, doing a secure delegate call requires adding a custom calling convention argument R4 as the address of the secure delegate invoke indirection cell. This is done using the fgMorphArgs nonStandardArgs mechanism, and the argument is added at the end. For calls with 4 or more register arguments, this didn't work: we would initially set the non-standard arg as a non-register argument, and the nonStandardArgs check didn't consider converting an argument from a stack argument back to a register argument. The fix allows nonStandardArgs to be either stack or register arguments, no matter what their place in the argument list would imply. Fixes #17738
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+System.Data.SqlClient.Tests #
+System.Diagnostics.Process.Tests #
+System.Diagnostics.StackTrace.Tests # -- JitStress=1; -- JitStress=2
+System.Drawing.Common.Tests #
+System.IO.FileSystem.Tests #
+System.IO.Ports.Tests #
+System.Linq.Expressions.Tests # -- timeout
+System.Management.Tests #
+System.Net.Http.Functional.Tests #
+System.Net.NameResolution.Pal.Tests #
+System.Net.NetworkInformation.Functional.Tests # -- segmentation fault
+System.Net.Sockets.Tests # -- segmentation fault
+System.Text.RegularExpressions.Tests # -- timeout -- JitMinOpts only
+System.Transactions.Local.Tests # -- timeout