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committerJiyoung Yun <>2017-02-10 11:35:12 (GMT)
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diff --git a/tests/runtest.cmd b/tests/runtest.cmd
index 23b4bb5..cfe2c3d 100644
--- a/tests/runtest.cmd
+++ b/tests/runtest.cmd
@@ -24,9 +24,6 @@ set "__ProjectFilesDir=%__ProjectDir%"
set "__RootBinDir=%__ProjectDir%\..\bin"
set "__LogsDir=%__RootBinDir%\Logs"
-:: Default __Exclude to issues.targets
-set __Exclude0=%~dp0\issues.targets
set __Sequential=
set __msbuildExtraArgs=
set __LongGCTests=
@@ -55,9 +52,6 @@ if /i "%1" == "checked" (set __BuildType=Checked&shift&goto Arg_Lo
if /i "%1" == "vs2013" (set __VSVersion=%1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "vs2015" (set __VSVersion=%1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
-if /i "%1" == "SkipWrapperGeneration" (set __SkipWrapperGeneration=true&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
-if /i "%1" == "Exclude" (set __Exclude=%2&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
-if /i "%1" == "Exclude0" (set __Exclude0=%2&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "TestEnv" (set __TestEnv=%2&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "AgainstPackages" (set __AgainstPackages=1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "sequential" (set __Sequential=1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
@@ -69,8 +63,8 @@ if /i "%1" == "jitstressregs" (set COMPlus_JitStressRegs=%2&shift&shift&
if /i "%1" == "jitminopts" (set COMPlus_JITMinOpts=1&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "jitforcerelocs" (set COMPlus_ForceRelocs=1&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "jitdisasm" (set __JitDisasm=1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
-if /i "%1" == "GenerateLayoutOnly" (set __GenerateLayoutOnly=1&set __SkipWrapperGeneration=true&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
-if /i "%1" == "PerfTests" (set __PerfTests=true&set __SkipWrapperGeneration=true&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
+if /i "%1" == "GenerateLayoutOnly" (set __GenerateLayoutOnly=1&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
+if /i "%1" == "PerfTests" (set __PerfTests=true&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
if /i "%1" == "runcrossgentests" (set RunCrossGen=true&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
REM change it to COMPlus_GCStress when we stop using xunit harness
if /i "%1" == "gcstresslevel" (set __GCSTRESSLEVEL=%2&set __TestTimeout=1800000&shift&shift&goto Arg_Loop)
@@ -170,7 +164,6 @@ xcopy /s "%__BinDir%" "%CORE_ROOT%"
-if defined __Exclude (if not exist %__Exclude% echo %__MsgPrefix%Error: Exclusion file %__Exclude% not found && exit /b 1)
if defined __TestEnv (if not exist %__TestEnv% echo %__MsgPrefix%Error: Test Environment script %__TestEnv% not found && exit /b 1)
REM These log files are created automatically by the test run process. Q: what do they depend on being set?
@@ -179,13 +172,6 @@ set __TestRunXmlLog=%__LogsDir%\TestRun_%__BuildOS%__%__BuildArch%__%__BuildType
if "%__PerfTests%"=="true" goto RunPerfTests
-if "%__SkipWrapperGeneration%"=="true" goto SkipWrapperGeneration
-set __BuildLogRootName=Tests_XunitWrapper
-call :msbuild "%__ProjectFilesDir%\runtest.proj" /p:BuildWrappers=true
-if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
call :ResolveDependecies
@@ -385,6 +371,7 @@ if errorlevel 1 (
exit /b 1
echo %__MsgPrefix%Created the runtime layout with all dependencies in %CORE_ROOT%
exit /b 0
@@ -392,16 +379,12 @@ exit /b 0
echo Usage:
-echo %0 BuildArch BuildType [SkipWrapperGeneration] [Exclude EXCLUSION_TARGETS] [TestEnv TEST_ENV_SCRIPT] [VSVersion] CORE_ROOT
+echo %0 BuildArch BuildType [TestEnv TEST_ENV_SCRIPT] [VSVersion] CORE_ROOT
echo where:
echo./? -? /h -h /help -help: view this message.
echo BuildArch- Optional parameter - x64 or x86 ^(default: x64^).
echo BuildType- Optional parameter - Debug, Release, or Checked ^(default: Debug^).
-echo SkipWrapperGeneration- Optional parameter - this will run the same set of tests as the last time it was run
-echo Exclude0- Optional parameter - specify location of default exclusion file (defaults to issues.targets if not specified)
-echo Set to "" to disable default exclusion file.
-echo Exclude- Optional parameter - this will exclude individual tests from running, specified by ExcludeList ItemGroup in an .targets file.
echo TestEnv- Optional parameter - this will run a custom script to set custom test environment settings.
echo VSVersion- Optional parameter - VS2013 or VS2015 ^(default: VS2015^)
echo AgainstPackages - Optional parameter - this indicates that we are running tests that were built against packages