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authorDavid Mason <>2019-09-18 20:19:36 (GMT)
committerGleb Balykov <>2020-03-25 12:29:41 (GMT)
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Prevent freeing of the profiler on process shutdown.
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diff --git a/src/vm/ceemain.cpp b/src/vm/ceemain.cpp
index 8a5bb4f..01dae00 100644
--- a/src/vm/ceemain.cpp
+++ b/src/vm/ceemain.cpp
@@ -1481,16 +1481,14 @@ void STDMETHODCALLTYPE EEShutDownHelper(BOOL fIsDllUnloading)
// callbacks from coming into the profiler even after Shutdown() has been called.
// See for an example of how that
// happens.
- // Callbacks will be prevented when ProfilingAPIUtility::Terminate() changes the state
- // to detached, which occurs shortly afterwards. It might be kinder to make the detaching
- // transition before calling Shutdown(), but if we do we'd have to be very careful not
- // to break profilers that were relying on being able to call various APIs during
- // Shutdown(). I suspect this isn't something we'll ever do unless we get complaints.
+ //
+ // To prevent issues when profilers are attached we intentionally skip freeing the
+ // profiler here. Since there is no guarantee that the profiler won't be accessed after
+ // we free it (e.g. through callbacks or ELT hooks), we can't safely free the profiler.
if (CORProfilerPresent())
- // If EEShutdown is not being called due to a ProcessDetach event, so
- // the profiler should still be present
- if (!g_fProcessDetach)
+ // Don't call back in to the profiler if we are being torn down, it might be unloaded
+ if (!fIsDllUnloading)
@@ -1499,9 +1497,6 @@ void STDMETHODCALLTYPE EEShutDownHelper(BOOL fIsDllUnloading)
g_fEEShutDown |= ShutDown_Profiler;
- // Free the interface objects.
- ProfilingAPIUtility::TerminateProfiling();