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Port of all JIT changes for .NET Framework 4.6.1 changes .NET Framework list of changes in 4.6.1 Additional changes including - Working ARM64 JIT compiler - Additional JIT Optimizations o Tail call recursion optimization o Array length tracking optimization o CSE for widening casts o Smaller encoding for RIP relative and absolute addresses in addressing modes o Tracked Local Variable increased to 512 o Improved handling of Intrinsics System.GetType() o Improved handling of Math intrinsics - Work for the X86 Ryu-JIT compiler [tfs-changeset: 1557101]
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diff --git a/src/vm/virtualcallstub.cpp b/src/vm/virtualcallstub.cpp
index a0672c0..1d5b3ab 100644
--- a/src/vm/virtualcallstub.cpp
+++ b/src/vm/virtualcallstub.cpp
@@ -83,7 +83,11 @@ UINT32 g_bucket_space_dead = 0; //# of bytes of abandoned buckets not ye
// This is the number of times a successful chain lookup will occur before the
// entry is promoted to the front of the chain. This is declared as extern because
// the default value (CALL_STUB_CACHE_INITIAL_SUCCESS_COUNT) is defined in the header.
+#ifdef _TARGET_ARM64_
+extern "C" size_t g_dispatch_cache_chain_success_counter;
extern size_t g_dispatch_cache_chain_success_counter;
#include "virtualcallstub.h"