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Remove mention of rotor from comments (#20297)
* Remove old reference to Rotor in documentation. All remaining references relate to rotor's role in CoreCLR history. * Remove rotor comment from enummem.cpp. I can find no evidence that the presence of g_pStressLog is conditional on FEATURE_PAL being defined. * Remove old todo, DbgDllMain looks for thread detach. * Update nativepipeline.h comment refernce to rotor. All unix-like systems except android have FEATURE_DBGIPC_TRANSPORT_DI defined, hence "most unix-like platforms". * Update some comments to not refer to Rotor. * Remove some more references to Rotor from comments. * Remove old comment. Though maybe this macro should be removed and everywhere use the & operator. It appears there are only two places that use this macro.
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diff --git a/src/pal/inc/pal.h b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
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--- a/src/pal/inc/pal.h
+++ b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ Module Name:
- Rotor Platform Adaptation Layer (PAL) header file. This file
- defines all types and API calls required by the Rotor port of
- the Microsoft Common Language Runtime.
+ CoreCLR Platform Adaptation Layer (PAL) header file. This file
+ defines all types and API calls required by the CoreCLR when
+ compiled for Unix-like systems.
Defines which control the behavior of this include file:
UNICODE - define it to set the Ansi/Unicode neutral names to
@@ -5043,9 +5043,7 @@ public:
-// NOTE: Catching hardware exceptions are only enabled in the DAC and SOS
-// builds. A hardware exception in coreclr code will fail fast/terminate
-// the process.
+// NOTE: This is only defined in one PAL test.
#define HardwareExceptionHolder CatchHardwareExceptionHolder __catchHardwareException;