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committerJan Vorlicek <>2019-02-07 22:39:13 +0100
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More PAL layer cleanup for GNU and add build script support for GCC (#22369)
* Declare throw only when compiling for c++ Prevent the definition from getting defined multiple times and map it to throw() only when compiling c++ code. * Suppress warnings for tests Suppress: -Wno-write-strings -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-narrowing -fpermissive -Wno-int-to-pointer-cast to allow tests to compile * Add gcc option to script Following clangx.y model add -gccx.y command line arguments with gcc5 and gcc7 being the currnetly supported options. * Allow environment variable to be used for TOOLCHAIN Remove CLANG specific compiler options as well. * Hide non-GNU compiler options * Do not include local directory if cross compiling [ 0%] Building CXX object src/pal/src/eventprovider/tracepointprovider/CMakeFiles/coreclrtraceptprovider.dir/__/lttng/traceptprovdotnetruntime.cpp.o cc1plus: error: include location "/usr/local/include" is unsafe for cross-compilation [-Werror=poison-system-directories] * Suppress unknown pragma warnings src/pal/src/exception/seh-unwind.cpp:37:0: warning: ignoring #pragma clang diagnostic [-Wunknown-pragmas] #pragma clang diagnostic pop Removing these cause compilation error on clang7 and arm as follows: In file included from /bin/obj/Linux.arm.Debug/src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind.h:9: /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:247:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct unw_tdep_save_loc ^ /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:288:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct * plt not useful for GNU and ARM64/ARM src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S: Assembler messages: src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:31: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:32: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' * Remove double const from argv in PAL_Initialize Seeing compilation error with GNU for C source files as follows: if (PAL_Initialize(argc, argv) != 0) ^ src/pal/tests/palsuite/common/palsuite.h:21:0, from src/pal/tests/palsuite/c_runtime/asinhf/test1/test1.c:18: src/pal/inc/pal.h:374:1: note: expected ‘const char * const*’ but argument is of type ‘char **’ * Suppress format warnings using GNU for libunwind warning: format ‘%li’ expects argument of type ‘long int’, but argument 3 has type ‘int’ [-Wformat=] Debug (4, " aligned frame, offset %li\n", f->cfa_reg_offset); * Fix -fpermissive warnings for GNU * Suppress unused variable warning in libunwind src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-aarch64.h:201:5: warning: right-hand operand of comma expression has no effect [-Wunused-value] #define unw_tdep_getcontext(uc) (({ \ ~~~~~~~~~ unw_tdep_context_t *unw_ctx = (uc); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ register uint64_t *unw_base asm ("x0") = (uint64_t*) unw_ctx->uc_mcontext.regs; \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __asm__ __volatile__ ( \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x0, x1, [%[base], #0]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x2, x3, [%[base], #16]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x4, x5, [%[base], #32]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x6, x7, [%[base], #48]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x8, x9, [%[base], #64]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x10, x11, [%[base], #80]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x12, x13, [%[base], #96]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x14, x13, [%[base], #112]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x16, x17, [%[base], #128]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x18, x19, [%[base], #144]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x20, x21, [%[base], #160]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x22, x23, [%[base], #176]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x24, x25, [%[base], #192]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x26, x27, [%[base], #208]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x28, x29, [%[base], #224]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "str x30, [%[base], #240]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "mov x1, sp\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x1, x30, [%[base], #248]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : [base] "+r" (unw_base) : : "x1", "memory"); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ }), 0) * Fix warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements warning Fix similar warnings to these by including the element size into total size calculation. src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’: src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp:89:31: warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements without multiplication by element size [-Wmemset-elt-size] memset(NewValue,0,BUF_SIZE); * Define CLR specific compiler option CLR_CMAKE_COMPILER By the time toolchain.cmake is called, the compiler detection from cmake is not active. We need an intermediate definition to pass to compiler detection.
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/src/pal/inc/pal.h b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
index 7bf34963fc..67e39ae44f 100644
--- a/src/pal/inc/pal.h
+++ b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
@@ -143,11 +143,13 @@ typedef void * NATIVE_LIBRARY_HANDLE;
#define LANG_THAI 0x1e
/******************* Compiler-specific glue *******************************/
-#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__llvm__)
+#ifndef THROW_DECL
+#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__llvm__) || !defined(__cplusplus)
#define THROW_DECL
#define THROW_DECL throw()
+#endif // !_MSC_VER
+#endif // !THROW_DECL
#ifndef _MSC_VER
#if defined(CORECLR)
@@ -367,7 +369,7 @@ int
int argc,
- const char * const argv[]);
+ char * const argv[]);
@@ -4316,7 +4318,7 @@ EXTERN_C
void *PAL_memcpy (void *dest, const void *src, size_t count);
-PALIMPORT void * __cdecl memcpy(void *, const void *, size_t);
+PALIMPORT void * __cdecl memcpy(void *, const void *, size_t) THROW_DECL;
#define memcpy PAL_memcpy
#define IS_PAL_memcpy 1