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committerGitHub <>2018-11-05 15:37:36 -0800
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parentd3a7c973723bf2610c7dcdcd00318c06a72a36f8 (diff)
Adding some new functions to System.Math and System.MathF (#20788)
* Adding BitIncrement, BitDecrement, CopySign, MaxMagnitude, and MinMagnitude to Math and MathF * Adding FusedMultiplyAdd, IlogB, Log2, and ScaleB to Math and MathF * Adding some basic PAL tests for fma, ilogb, log2, and scalbn * Fixing a couple typos and adding clarifying comments * Fixing the MSVC _VVV FCALL declarations
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diff --git a/src/pal/inc/pal.h b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
index 690804013e..a7f0ff5d74 100644
--- a/src/pal/inc/pal.h
+++ b/src/pal/inc/pal.h
@@ -4158,18 +4158,26 @@ SetThreadIdealProcessorEx(
#define asinh PAL_asinh
#define atan2 PAL_atan2
#define exp PAL_exp
+#define fma PAL_fma
+#define ilogb PAL_ilogb
#define log PAL_log
+#define log2 PAL_log2
#define log10 PAL_log10
#define pow PAL_pow
+#define scalbn PAL_scalbn
#define acosf PAL_acosf
#define acoshf PAL_acoshf
#define asinf PAL_asinf
#define asinhf PAL_asinhf
#define atan2f PAL_atan2f
#define expf PAL_expf
+#define fmaf PAL_fmaf
+#define ilogbf PAL_ilogbf
#define logf PAL_logf
+#define log2f PAL_log2f
#define log10f PAL_log10f
#define powf PAL_powf
+#define scalbnf PAL_scalbnf
#define malloc PAL_malloc
#define free PAL_free
#define mkstemp PAL_mkstemp
@@ -4424,10 +4432,14 @@ PALIMPORT double __cdecl exp(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl fabs(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl floor(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl fmod(double, double);
+PALIMPORT double __cdecl fma(double, double, double);
+PALIMPORT int __cdecl ilogb(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl log(double);
+PALIMPORT double __cdecl log2(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl log10(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl modf(double, double*);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl pow(double, double);
+PALIMPORT double __cdecl scalbn(double, int);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl sin(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl sinh(double);
PALIMPORT double __cdecl sqrt(double);
@@ -4452,11 +4464,15 @@ PALIMPORT float __cdecl coshf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl expf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl fabsf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl floorf(float);
-PALIMPORT float __cdecl fmodf(float, float);
+PALIMPORT float __cdecl fmodf(float, float);
+PALIMPORT float __cdecl fmaf(float, float, float);
+PALIMPORT int __cdecl ilogbf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl logf(float);
+PALIMPORT float __cdecl log2f(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl log10f(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl modff(float, float*);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl powf(float, float);
+PALIMPORT float __cdecl scalbnf(float, int);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl sinf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl sinhf(float);
PALIMPORT float __cdecl sqrtf(float);