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diff --git a/src/jit/lir.cpp b/src/jit/lir.cpp
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--- a/src/jit/lir.cpp
+++ b/src/jit/lir.cpp
@@ -1494,9 +1494,13 @@ bool LIR::Range::CheckLIR(Compiler* compiler, bool checkUnusedValues) const
else if (!def->IsValue())
- // Calls may contain "uses" of nodes that do not produce a value. This is an artifact of
- // the HIR and should probably be fixed, but doing so is an unknown amount of work.
- assert(node->OperGet() == GT_CALL);
+ // Stack arguments do not produce a value, but they are considered children of the call.
+ // It may be useful to remove these from being call operands, but that may also impact
+ // other code that relies on being able to reach all the operands from a call node.
+ // The GT_NOP case is because sometimes we eliminate stack argument stores as dead, but
+ // instead of removing them we replace with a NOP.
+ assert((node->OperGet() == GT_CALL) &&
+ (def->OperIsStore() || (def->OperGet() == GT_PUTARG_STK) || (def->OperGet() == GT_NOP)));