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-# Add types names to this exclusion list by adding it on a separate line.
-# If types from clr.pdb and mscordacwks_x86_arm.pdb don't match you have 3 options:
-# 1. If the type is not used by the DAC simply remove it.
-# 2. Fix the layout mismatch taking care of #defines used in declaration.
-# 3. Add it to this file (type_exclusion_list.txt) as a final option. If you choose this option make sure you are
-# not leaking a silent bug into the DAC. (if the type is not used in the DAC is better to use option 1).
-# For any question regarding PdbTypeMatch tool and build validation process please contact clrdbgpriv.
-#Remove all Holder based types as DAC Holder base class includes two extra fields
-#Added for new changes in the CRT structs
-# Added to workaround mismatch of _UNWIND_INFO in x64 CoreSys chk build. The ret build is clean.
-# DevDiv2:672407 Workaround a build sequencing hole that resulted in a mismatch between
-# coreclr.pdb and mscoredaccore_x86.pdb around the WinRTExceptionInfo type, which is
-# part of the VCTools CRT. The type (which mirrors the WinRT Platform.Exception type)
-# was out-of-date and the update exposed this hole. Bug#672407 is tracking the investigation
-# of the build hole.
-# Build issue 452821 (http://ddweb/buildstatus/issues/issues.aspx?iid=452821)
-# The vctools partition is now building against the WinBlue SDK instead of the Win8 SDK.
-# The struct _FLOATING_SAVE_AREA is defined in both winnt.h and vdmctxt.h. In the WinBlue
-# SDK, these definitions differ in the name of the last field ('Cr0NpxState' in vdmctxt.h,
-# 'Spare0' in winnt.h). In Win8, both definitions used 'Cr0NpxState'. This is causing a
-# PdbTypeMismatch build error because the vctools component pulled into clr.dll causes clr.pdb
-# to contain a version of _FLOATING_SAVE_AREA that uses 'Spare0' while mscordacwks does not.
-# Added due to mismatch for arm64 coresys build
-# These types added because we are statically linking the OS CRT