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authorGeunsik Lim <>2016-04-04 19:35:06 +0900
committerGeunsik Lim <>2016-04-05 19:21:51 +0900
commit6d7701c198590f8d727f038e1ba40b1e57c95ef6 (patch)
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Handle mscorwks_unixexports.src with better regexp operator for compatibility
ver3: According to the gawk manual, The '\S' operator (as shorthand for '[^[:space:]]') matches any character that is not whitespace. However, '[ \t]' is better than '\S' for Mac OSX. (source - ) ver2: With ver1, the build-break is caused by different awk versions (by @jkotas). (Revert PR - To resolve the limitation of the ver1, @janvorli proposed that the \S expression is better than [:space:] for the most compatible solution. There are a lot of different AWK software (e.g. awk, gawk, mawk, nawk, etc) and versions among the popular Linux distributions. This patch is a simply way to handle 'mscorwks_unixexports.src' file with \S operator for more compatibility amon the different awk versions. ver1: It's must be modified by gawk implementation that check it exactly as a plain character (e.g., space, alnum) within the bracket expression at ./coreclr/generateversionscript.awk. The [[:space:]] is more appropriate than the [:space:]]. (PR - Signed-off-by: Geunsik Lim <> Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <> Signed-off-by: Prajwal A N <>
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diff --git a/generateversionscript.awk b/generateversionscript.awk
index d1c294be58..226c6a545f 100644
--- a/generateversionscript.awk
+++ b/generateversionscript.awk
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ BEGIN {
gsub(/\r/,"", $0);
# Skip empty lines and comment lines starting with semicolon
- if (NF && !match($0, /^[:space:]*;/))
+ if (NF && !match($0, /^[ \t]*;/))
print " " $0 ";";