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Fix optdata restore functionality (#11935)
Fix optdata restore functionality (#11935) Bring back optdata restore functionality following the move to 2.0 BuildTools and csproj-based CLI. Disable a harmless warning that broke the Linux build when consuming PGO counts due to -Werr. Fix #11796 for master
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+ <!-- Profile-based optimization data package versions -->
+ <PropertyGroup>
+ <PgoDataPackageVersion>99.99.99-master-20170531-3000</PgoDataPackageVersion>
+ <!--<IbcDataPackageVersion></IbcDataPackageVersion>-->
+ </PropertyGroup>
Switching to the .NET Core version of the BuildTools tasks seems to break numerous scenarios, such as VS intellisense and resource designer
as well as runnning the build on mono. Until we can get these sorted out we will continue using the .NET 4.5 version of the tasks.