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Add a fourth parameter to the DEFINE_DACVAR macro that is the actual fully qualified name of the static/global.
First pass at the global DAC table support for Linux. Explicitly build the table in the coreclr module instead of extract it from the pdb and put it in a resource. Fixed the SVR gc globals in the DAC table. They had to be seperated and initialized in gceesvr.cpp. Start on global pointer table. PAL functions to write and read the DAC table address between processes. The dac table is now copied from the coreclr process to the DAC/debugger process. The tables were not being built with exactly the same defines so they weren't the same size. Fixed a bug in the read memory implementation. Still assumes pid = 0. Changed the dacTable entries to be RVAs and renabled getting the corclr module base addres (m_globalBase). Added dac table address file cleanup on coreclr shutdown. Filled in the vtable entries in the global dac table. Changed some of the VPTR_* macros to be defined on the coreclr side (RS) to defined a constructor that is used to get the vtable in dactable.cpp. These changes required default constructors to be added to some of the classes. Changed getting the vtable address to not invoke the destructors since the constructor used didn't do anything (like initialize variables, etc.). Added a TODO comment about the debuggee pid not being available in the dac table address file name. Fixed Windows build. Created a couple of new VPTR_* macros that add a default constructor only if building coreclr (not DAC) on Linux. Comment on how these DAC table functions are temporary.
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# Contains the dac build specific definitions. Included by the leaf dac cmake files.