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committerGaurav Khanna <>2017-06-08 22:34:04 (GMT)
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First steps for generating nuget packages for ARM64/Android. (#10286)
* First steps for generating nuget packages for ARM64/Android. Adds Android RIDS and related conditionals to appropriate files * Additional changes for Android package build * Revert addition of Android to supported packages * Allow Android .nuget package build Adding runtime.Android files for package generation Adding TODO for reliable generation of __DistroRid for Android * Added/corrected logic for detecting __DistroRid at commandline Removed hack and TODO * Removed newline * Revert unintentional change to osx rid * Removed commenting of __DistroRid initialization * Latest fixes for __DistroRid cmdline detection Removed __DistroRid initialization (clobbers value set at cmdline) Removed echo test of __DistroRid in generate nuget pkg function (Hopefully) fixed cross-build os-release detection * Removed android.21-arm from supported RIDs Removed arm32 from supported RIDs until test build can be done or CI for arm32 added (?) * Fixes for package generation for android Modified so it would generate file w/platform info Reverted all prior changes to initTargetDistroRid, added new android platform detection * Fixed conditional for Android * Added platform generation for Android portable build, if ever needed * Added information about android_platform Added help info about android_platform file Added TODO for dynamic generation of RID based on $__ApiLevel and $__BuildArch * Syntax cleanup for Removed extra space in initTargetDistroRid() logic * Recommended review changes removed Android-specific runtime files for packaging added conditional to have Android use Linux runtime files * Updated topic branch from master, resolving file nuget pkg issue * ericstj review changes Fixed accidental fedora version change Fixed indenting * Removed TODO comment; logic already in place, added in earlier commit * Removed Android OfficialBuildRID
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diff --git a/cross/ b/cross/
index 7030837..636618c 100755
--- a/cross/
+++ b/cross/
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ usage()
echo "By default, the NDK will be downloaded into the cross/android-rootfs/android-ndk-$__NDK_Version directory. If you already have an NDK installation,"
echo "you can set the NDK_DIR environment variable to have this script use that installation of the NDK."
+ echo "By default, this script will generate a file, android_platform, in the root of the ROOTFS_DIR directory that contains the RID for the supported and tested Android build: android.21-arm64. This file is to replace '/etc/os-release', which is not available for Android."
exit 1
@@ -136,7 +137,10 @@ dpkg -x $__Android_Cross_Dir/deb/libunwind_1.2.20170304_$__AndroidArch.deb $__An
cp -R $__Android_Cross_Dir/tmp/$__AndroidArch/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/* $__ToolchainDir/sysroot/usr/
+# Generate platform file for script to assign to __DistroRid
+echo "Generating platform file..."
+echo "RID=android.21-arm64" > $__ToolchainDir/sysroot/android_platform
echo Now run:
echo CONFIG_DIR=\`realpath cross/android/$__BuildArch\` ROOTFS_DIR=\`realpath $__ToolchainDir/sysroot\` ./ cross $__BuildArch skipgenerateversion skipnuget cmakeargs -DENABLE_LLDBPLUGIN=0