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committerJan Vorlicek <>2017-02-15 17:00:56 (GMT)
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[ARM64/Unix] LLDB (#9504)
* [Arm64/Unix] Default to no lldb in build-rootfs lldb is not readily available on arm64 Ubuntu releases prior to 16.10 Set the default lldb version to none to allow building Arm64 rootfs * [Arm64/Unix] Warn if lldb is missing SOS lldb plugin is an optional component lldb is not availiable on arm64 prior to lldb3.9 lldb3.9 is not readily available on many ubuntu until 16.10 Change error to warning to simplify building arm64
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diff --git a/cross/ b/cross/
index 6b4d184..c40d644 100755
--- a/cross/
+++ b/cross/
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ usage()
echo "Usage: $0 [BuildArch] [LinuxCodeName] [lldbx.y] [--skipunmount]"
echo "BuildArch can be: arm(default), armel, arm64, x86"
echo "LinuxCodeName - optional, Code name for Linux, can be: trusty(default), vivid, wily, xenial. If BuildArch is armel, LinuxCodeName is jessie(default) or tizen."
- echo "lldbx.y - optional, LLDB version, can be: lldb3.6(default), lldb3.8"
+ echo "lldbx.y - optional, LLDB version, can be: lldb3.6, lldb3.8"
echo "--skipunmount - optional, will skip the unmount of rootfs folder."
exit 1
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ __InitialDir=$PWD
# base development support