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Use arcade's version of dotnet to build (#22755)
* Use arcade dotnet * Add cmake_msbuild.cmd Move msbuild.cmd to cmake_msbuild.bat Document intent that this file is only used to resolve Windows cmake dependency on desktop msbuild.exe Remove one instance of msbuild.cmd * Fix inittools.cmd * Remove spurious setup_vs_tools.cmd calls
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@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+:: Windows CMake has a dependency on desktop msbuild.exe because it generates
+:: Visual Studio *.vcxproj solutions.
+:: This file has cmake in its name to avoid accidentally introducing
+:: another dependency on desktop msbuild.exe
+@if not defined _echo @echo off
+set "__ProjectDir=%~dp0"
+call "%__ProjectDir%"\setup_vs_tools.cmd
+REM setup_vs_tools.cmd will correctly echo error message.
+if NOT '%ERRORLEVEL%' == '0' exit /b 1
+:: Clear the 'Platform' env variable for this session, as it's a per-project setting within the build, and
+:: misleading value (such as 'MCD' in HP PCs) may lead to build breakage (issue: #69).
+set Platform=
+set __ProjectDir=
+pushd %~dp0
+echo Running: msbuild.exe %*
+call msbuild.exe %*
+if NOT [%ERRORLEVEL%]==[0] (
+ exit /b 1
+exit /b 0