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Tiered Compilation step 1
Tiered compilation is a new feature we are experimenting with that aims to improve startup times. Initially we jit methods non-optimized, then switch to an optimized version once the method has been called a number of times. More details about the current feature operation are in the comments of TieredCompilation.cpp. This is only the first step in a longer process building the feature. The primary goal for now is to avoid regressing any runtime behavior in the shipping configuration in which the complus variable is OFF, while putting enough code in place that we can measure performance in the daily builds and make incremental progress visible to collaborators and reviewers. The design of the TieredCompilationManager is likely to change substantively, and the call counter may also change.
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<FeatureDbiOopDebugging_HostOneCorex86 Condition="'$(TargetArch)' == 'i386' or '$(TargetArch)' == 'arm'">true</FeatureDbiOopDebugging_HostOneCorex86>
<FeatureDbiOopDebugging_HostOneCoreamd64 Condition="'$(TargetArch)' == 'amd64'">true</FeatureDbiOopDebugging_HostOneCoreamd64>
+ <FeatureTieredCompilation>true</FeatureTieredCompilation>
<FeatureInteropDebugging Condition="('$(TargetArch)' == 'i386') or ('$(TargetArch)' == 'amd64')">true</FeatureInteropDebugging>