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authorSean Gillespie <>2017-10-27 21:37:54 (GMT)
committerGitHub <>2017-10-27 21:37:54 (GMT)
commitbd3424913138d10f9c4fdb6176fb471e8d1ba1d7 (patch)
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parentfb4af6c2908b633b200b556986815781f2139f4e (diff)
[Local GC] Implement loader protocol for a standalone GC (#14663)
* First cut of the load protocol * Implement for non-standalone GC * Initial working implementation * First steps towards not using GetProcAddress when not using a standalone GC * Factor out loading routines into standalone and non-standalone cases * Remove the FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC_ONLY build * Code cleanup and comments * Comments for the version numbers * Use more appropriate type for config string * add GC_LOAD_STATUS_BEFORE_START to disambiguate failures before the start of the load and failures at the beginning of the load * FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC on by default * Implement YieldProcessor and MemoryBarrier for arm and arm64 * Remove missed FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC feature check
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diff --git a/ b/
index a098d5e..865f0fe 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -50,7 +50,6 @@ usage()
echo "-ignorewarnings - do not treat warnings as errors"
echo "-cmakeargs - user-settable additional arguments passed to CMake."
echo "-bindir - output directory (defaults to $__ProjectRoot/bin)"
- echo "-buildstandalonegc - builds the GC in a standalone mode. Can't be used with \"cmakeargs\"."
echo "-msbuildonunsupportedplatform - build managed binaries even if distro is not officially supported."
echo "-numproc - set the number of build processes."
exit 1
@@ -859,9 +858,6 @@ while :; do
exit 1
- buildstandalonegc|-buildstandalonegc)
- ;;