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Refactor clean.cmd based on corefx implementation
clean.cmd supports removal of bin dir, repo-local nuget packeges directory and user-local nuget packages directory. In addition it is possible to clean repo using git clean -xdf command by passing -all command line switch to clean.cmd. In addition logic supporting killing of VBCScompiler.exe process is added
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diff --git a/build.proj b/build.proj
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--- a/build.proj
+++ b/build.proj
@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@
<Import Project="dir.traversal.targets" />
+ <Import Project="$(ToolsDir)clean.targets" />
<!-- The following properties are in place to keep the behavior of build.cmd while we work on the dev workflow steps. -->
<!-- To disable the restoration of packages, set RestoreDuringBuild=false or pass /p:RestoreDuringBuild=false.-->
@@ -45,5 +47,10 @@
<Exec Command="$(DotnetRestoreCommand) $(SourceDir).nuget/init/init.csproj"
StandardOutputImportance="Low" />
+ <Target Name="CleanAllProjects">
+ <Message Condition="Exists($(RootBinDir))" Importance="High" Text="Removing $(RootBinDir)"/>
+ <RemoveDir Directories="$(RootBinDir)" />
+ </Target>