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Refactor ildasm round trip logic
This change factors the Ildasm round trip logic so that it should not require a separate test build. The ildasmroundtrip flag is no longer passed to build-test.cmd; instead the wrapper scripts are always generated with a check for an environment variable that can be set from runtests. Also remove separate test build for ilrt in the ci scripts
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diff --git a/build-test.cmd b/build-test.cmd
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--- a/build-test.cmd
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@@ -448,7 +448,6 @@ echo 1: Build all tests with priority 0 and 1
echo 666: Build all tests with priority 0, 1 ... 666
echo -sequential: force a non-parallel build ^(default is to build in parallel
echo using all processors^).
-echo -ilasmroundtrip: enables ilasm round trip build and run of the tests before executing them.
echo -verbose: enables detailed file logging for the msbuild tasks into the msbuild log file.
exit /b 1