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authorDan Moseley <>2017-04-07 04:28:14 (GMT)
committerGaurav Khanna <>2017-04-07 04:28:14 (GMT)
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remove fedora 23 (#10725)
* remove fedora 23 * Fedora rename
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--- a/build-test.cmd
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@@ -392,8 +392,8 @@ echo buildagainstpackages: builds tests against restored packages, instead of ag
echo runtimeid ^<ID^>: Builds a test overlay for the specified OS (Only supported when building against packages). Supported IDs are:
echo alpine.3.4.3-x64: Builds overlay for Alpine 3.4.3
echo debian.8-x64: Builds overlay for Debian 8
-echo fedora.23-x64: Builds overlay for Fedora 23
-echo fedora.24-x64: Builds overlay for Fedora 23
+echo fedora.24-x64: Builds overlay for Fedora 24
+echo fedora.25-x64: Builds overlay for Fedora 25
echo opensuse.42.1-x64: Builds overlay for OpenSUSE 42.1
echo osx.10.12-x64: Builds overlay for OSX 10.12
echo rhel.7-x64: Builds overlay for RHEL 7 or CentOS