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Updating Readme to point to .NET Core SDK
Updating the readme to point to the getting started page as well as the CLI repo for getting full stack builds of .NET Core and the SDK
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@@ -20,13 +20,16 @@ Build Status
|**Ubuntu 15.10**|[![x64 status](](|[![x64 status](](|
|**Windows 8.1**|[![x64 status](](<br/>[![arm64 status](](|[![x64 status](](<br/>[![arm64 status](](|
-Get .NET Core
+Building the Repo
-| |Linux |Windows |Mac OS X |FreeBSD |
-|Build from **Source**| [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ |
-|Get **Binaries** | [DNX SDK](Documentation/install/|[DNX SDK](Documentation/install/ <br> [Raw](Documentation/install/|[DNX SDK](Documentation/install/||
+|Linux |Windows |Mac OS X |FreeBSD |
+| [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ | [Instructions](Documentation/building/ |
+Get .NET Core
+You can get the latest released .NET Core SDK from the [.NET Core Getting started]( page. You can also get the latest development builds of .NET Core and the SDK from the [dotnet/cli repo](
Chat Room
@@ -88,3 +91,4 @@ There are many .NET projects on GitHub.
[coreclr blog post]: