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Reintroduce PR #22617 (Update added types and methoddefs on ApplyMetadata) (#23202)
* Add ApplyMetadata changes back This reverts commit f9c10f995fe65c0e7c30aa1734f7bb22c519983d. * Fix race condition in loading available class hash for R2R with old R2R images or profiler modified R2R images
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+# Profiler Breaking Changes #
+Over time we will need to modify the Profiler APIs, this document will serve as a record of any breaking changes.
+1. Code Versioning introduced changes documented [here](../design-docs/
+2. The work to allow adding new types and methods after module load means ICorProfilerInfo7::ApplyMetadata will now potentially trigger a GC, and will not be callable in situations where a GC can not happen (for example ICorProfilerCallback::RootReferences). \ No newline at end of file