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## Stress Testing ##
Stress testing must run for at least **48 hours** against a debug build.
-Stress testing for checked and release builds can be done on pull requests with The .NET CI infrastructure.
-A stress run can be requested using the trigger phrase:
+Stress testing for checked and release builds can be run locally. Please following the instructions described in tests\src\GC\Stress\stress_run_readme.txt. You can also request it on pull requests with The .NET CI infrastructure with the trigger phrase:
@dotnet_bot test <platform> <flavor> gc_reliability_framework
@@ -38,8 +37,6 @@ This will run the stress framework for the default amount of time (15 hours) on
## Functional Testing ##
A functional test run executes the same code as a stress run, but only runs for 30 minutes.
-Instructions for running stress are located in the repo at tests\src\GC\Stress\stress_run_readme.txt.
It is recommended that you run at least some of the below PR-triggered CI jobs: