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Fix warnings generated when building with Clang on Linux.
There were three classes of warnings that needed to be fixed: 1) Warnings for unused typedefs 2) Warnings for pointer to boolena conversions that were always true 3) Warnings for taking the absolute value of unsigned values (1) accounted for the majority of the warnings. All of these warnings originated from macro definitions debugreturn.h, staticcontract.h, or pal_assert.h. In the first two cases, typedefs were used as compile-time checks to ensure certain invariants inside of method or function bodies. These cases were addressed by using an empty member of the typedef under an "if (0)" guard. In the third case, typedefs were used for compile-time assertions that may appear in any location in a source file; these have been updated to use C++11's static_assert. (2) and (3) were much more straightforward: the former was addressed by explicitly comparing the source pointer against NULL and the latter by removing the offending calls to abs(). This change also contains a small update to .gitignore to ignore the binaries directory and CMake artifacts created by
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