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Add BenchmarkGames revcomp benchmark
This is based on version 1 of the C# variants. Am not including the largest input file since it is ~250MB. Instead we iterate on a smaller file. Note the text input files are opened as binary and the app looks for Unix line endings, hence the update to .gitattributes. The benchmark is setup to look for its input next to the benchmark exe as run in both normal test and xunit-perf test modes, keying off the CORE_ROOT environment variable. In the xunit-perf mode the input files are subsequently copied into the sandbox. Also updated the ending copyright date on the Benchmark Games license page.
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*.sh text eol=lf
src/pal/tests/palsuite/paltestlist.txt text eol=lf
src/pal/tests/palsuite/paltestlist_to_be_reviewed.txt text eol=lf
+tests/src/JIT/Performance/CodeQuality/BenchmarksGame/revcomp/revcomp-input25.txt text eol=lf
+tests/src/JIT/Performance/CodeQuality/BenchmarksGame/revcomp/revcomp-input25000.txt text eol=lf