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diff --git a/src/connman.h b/src/connman.h
index 386e8c8..733f87c 100644
--- a/src/connman.h
+++ b/src/connman.h
@@ -395,7 +395,15 @@ enum connman_ipconfig_method __connman_ipconfig_get_method(
int __connman_ipconfig_address_add(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig);
int __connman_ipconfig_address_remove(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig);
int __connman_ipconfig_address_unset(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig);
+#if defined TIZEN_EXT
+ * Description: __connman_service_lookup_from_index cannot find correct service
+ * e.g. same interface or same APN of cellular profile
+ */
+int __connman_ipconfig_gateway_add(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig, struct connman_service *service);
int __connman_ipconfig_gateway_add(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig);
void __connman_ipconfig_gateway_remove(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig);
int __connman_ipconfig_set_proxy_autoconfig(struct connman_ipconfig *ipconfig,
@@ -757,6 +765,11 @@ void __connman_service_timeserver_changed(struct connman_service *service,
void __connman_service_set_pac(struct connman_service *service,
const char *pac);
#if defined TIZEN_EXT
+ * Returns profile count if there is any connected profiles
+ * that use same interface
+ */
+int __connman_service_get_connected_count_of_iface(struct connman_service *service);
void __connman_service_set_proxy(struct connman_service *service,
const char *proxies);