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# setting enabled applications will notice more network breaks than
# normal. Default value is false.
# SingleConnectedTechnology = false
+# List of technologies that are allowed to enable tethering separated by ",".
+# The default value is wifi,bluetooth,gadget. Only those technologies listed
+# here are used for tethering. If one wants to tether ethernet,
+# then add "ethernet" in the list.
+# NOTE that if ethernet tethering is enabled, then a DHCP server is
+# started on all ethernet interfaces. Tethered ethernet should
+# never be connected to corporate or home network as it will disrupt
+# normal operation of these networks. Due to this ethernet is not
+# tethered by default. Do not activate ethernet tethering unless you
+# really know what you are doing.
+# AllowedTetheringTechnologies = wifi,bluetooth,gadget