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service: Indicate IP Configuration Ready Event
In the Connection Manager, completion of a valid IP configuration excites the service state machine to move from the "configuration" to the "ready" state. However, the existing implementation of IP configuration completion explicitly attempts to directly manipulate service state, rather than hinting at an excitation event. As a consequence, a late IP configuration completion after the service state machine has transitioned from "ready" to "online" can lead to an incorrect transition back to the "ready" state. This causes the connection count for the technology associated with that service to increment again, unnecessarily. This patch avoids this issue by providing a service object interface that simply hints that an IP configuration is complete for a given IP type, allowing the service object and its state machine to either hold fast in the present state, returning an advisory error or advancing, as before. All prior invocations of __connman_service_indicate_state outside of the service module for the CONNMAN_SERVICE_STATE_READY are replaced with calls to this new interface. Thanks to Daniel Wagner and Marcel Holtmann for offline IRC discussion that helped motivate this fix. * v2: Incorporated feedback from Samuel Ortiz about combining IPv4 and IPv6 states before checking state readiness.
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