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authorguoqiang.liu <>2013-12-27 06:22:52 (GMT)
committerZhang zhengguang <>2014-10-31 08:06:20 (GMT)
commit1eb2741818fb2d2ec09ab055c8e4d1df1f2fb481 (patch)
treee009c9a5cee336464ad28f05fd9e7e17966962f2 /plugins
parentede27f8e832d3ce5dc6bf2a8be78f34abddcc885 (diff)
Tizen: Check some telephony flags before active context
Telephony active maybe fail if data_allowed or ps_attached is false, so check it before actived. When data_allowed is false, if connman starts to auto connect 3G service, it will result in 3G service auto connected fail, which leads to it will not be auto connected next time. Change-Id: Ibdd9c34fee7a612c1788a364c69550c4f7e79123 Signed-off-by: guoqiang.liu <>
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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/plugins/telephony.c b/plugins/telephony.c
index 63e7f6e..ea0bf65 100644
--- a/plugins/telephony.c
+++ b/plugins/telephony.c
@@ -323,6 +323,7 @@ static int __network_connect(struct connman_network *network)
struct connman_device *device;
struct telephony_modem *modem;
+ struct telephony_service *service;
DBG("network %p", network);
@@ -334,9 +335,16 @@ static int __network_connect(struct connman_network *network)
if (modem == NULL)
return -ENODEV;
+ service = modem->s_service;
+ if (service == NULL)
+ return -ENOLINK;
if (modem->powered == FALSE)
return -ENOLINK;
+ if (modem->data_allowed == FALSE || service->ps_attached == FALSE)
+ return -ENOLINK;
return __request_network_activate(network);