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+.\" connman(8) manual page
+.\" Copyright (C) 2012 Intel Corporation
+.TH CONNMAN "8" "21 August 2012"
+ConnMan \- network management daemon
+.B connmand [\-\-version] | [\-\-help]
+.B connmand [\-\-config=<filename>] [\-\-debug=<file1>:<file2>:...] [\-\-device=<interface1>,<interface2>,...] [\-\-nodevice=<interface1>,<interface2>,..] [\-\-wifi=<driver1>,<driver2>,...] [\-\-plugin=<plugin1>,<plugin2>,...] [\-\-noplugin=<plugin1>,<plugin2>,...] [\-\-nodaemon] [\-\-nodnsproxy]
+The \fIConnMan\fP provides a daemon for managing internet connections
+within devices running the Linux operating system. The Connection Manager is
+designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible.
+It is a fully modular system that can be extended, through plug-ins,
+to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.
+Also, configuration methods, like DHCP and domain name resolving,
+are implemented using plug-ins.
+The plug-in approach allows for easy adaption and modification for various
+use cases.
+The following options are supported:
+.I "\-\-version"
+Print the ConnMan software version and exit.
+.I "\-\-help"
+Print ConnMan's available options and exit.
+.I "\-\-config=<filename>"
+Specify configuration file to set up various settings for ConnMan. If not
+specified, the default value of '<SYSCONFDIR>/connman/main.conf'
+is used; where <SYSCONFDIR> is dependent on your distribution (usually
+it's /etc). See \fBconnman.conf\fP(5) for more information on configuration
+file. The use of config file is optional and sane default values
+are used if config file is missing.
+.I "\-\-debug=<file1>:<file2>:..."
+Sets how much information ConnMan sends to the log destination (usually
+syslog's "daemon" facility). If the file options are omitted, then debugging
+information from all the source files are printed. If file options are
+present, then only debug prints from that source file are printed.
+Example: --debug=src/service.c:plugins/wifi.c
+.I "\-\-device=<interface1>,<interface2>,..."
+Only manage these network interfaces. By default all network interfaces
+are managed.
+.I "\-\-nodevice=<interface1>,<interface2>,..."
+Never manage these network interfaces.
+.I "\-\-plugin=<plugin1>,<plugin2>,..."
+Load these plugins only. The option can be a pattern containing
+"*" and "?" characters.
+.I "\-\-noplugin=<plugin1>,<plugin2>,..."
+Never load these plugins. The option can be a pattern containing
+"*" and "?" characters.
+.I "\-\-wifi=<driver1>,<driver2>,..."
+Wifi driver that WiFi/Supplicant should use. If omitted, then the value
+of "nl80211,wext" is used by default.
+.I "\-\-nodaemon"
+Do not daemonize. This is useful for debugging, and directs log output to
+the controlling terminal in addition to syslog.
+.I "\-\-nodnsproxy"
+Do not act as a DNS proxy. By default ConnMan will direct all DNS traffic
+to itself by setting nameserver to in \fBresolv.conf\fP(5) file.
+If this is not desired and you want that all programs call directly some
+DNS server, then you can use the --nodnsproxy option.
+If this option is used, then ConnMan is not able to cache the DNS queries
+because the DNS traffic is not going through ConnMan and that can cause
+some extra network traffic.
+.BR connman.conf (5).