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session: Remove SessionMarker documentation
SO_MARK can only be set if the application has the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability. We don't want to give that to all application for good reasons and thus this approach won't work. Also touching all applications to get this feature working is not a good idea. We are going to use a cgroup controller to set SO_MARK and therefore we don't need it in the Session API.
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@@ -271,12 +271,3 @@ Settings string Bearer [readonly]
Interface name used by the service object to connect.
This name can be used for SO_BINDTODEVICE in the
- uint32 SessionMarker [readonly]
- The unique session marker can be used to mark all
- traffic from the application with the SO_MARK
- socket option. In combination of the EmergencyCall
- this allows ConnMan to setup the firewall rules
- that only traffic from the emergency application
- are transmitted.