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session: Remove AvoidHandover documentation
The AvoidHandover boolean was there to fine tune the selection algorithm in ConnMan. It was never implemented. Let's get rid for the time beeing. If there is a real need for it we should implemented this setting through the configuration plugin.
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@@ -144,27 +144,6 @@ Settings boolean State [readonly]
certain bearers such as Wifi with a fallback to any
other available bearer.
- boolean AvoidHandover [readwrite]
- By default this setting is false. It can be used
- to indicate that a handover is currently not a good
- idea. However no connection is guaranteed. So a
- handover can happen anyway. This is just an indication
- that the application would like to avoid it right now.
- It is a bad idea to always enable this settings and
- actually it will be reset after a while to avoid
- congestion.
- Main use case it is for application that are currently
- doing a specific tasks that it prefers to finish
- before allowing handovers again. An example would
- be synchronization.
- Never the less application needs to be aware that
- handovers can happen at any time even if this is
- set to true.
string ConnectionType [readwrite]
This is used to indicate which connection is requested