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Remove this setting from the D-Bus API and move it to the configuration plugin.
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is done to avoid congestion on bearers like cellular
- boolean Priority [readwrite]
- This allows a session to mark itself as priority or
- not. In general application are not allowed to make
- themselves more important than others.
- The priority handling is done internally by usage
- and first come, first serve order. By default this
- settings is of course false.
- Internally there can be different priorities for
- different application, but these are defined by a
- configuration file and not via this interface.
- An application that calls the method to connect
- a session is preferred over other sessions. This
- priority value is more for application that want to
- push themselves up in the asychronization notification
- queue once a bearer becomes online.
- This actual priority order also depends on the
- allowed bearers and other factors. This is setting
- is just a little indicator of one application being
- notified before another one.
- For example a streaming session should set the
- priority value. As soon as realtime data is involved
- then this should be set. An email client should not
- set this value.
string Name [readonly]
The Service name to which the system is connected.