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session: Remove PeriodicConnect documentation
The idea was to let ConnMan know and optimize the connection scheduling. Doing this per Session is a bit over-engineered. The only use cases that have come up so far was for things like an email client checking for new message. Past experience showed that this kind of interface lead easily to live locks. If there is need for such a feature, doing it on a per technology would make more sense. For the time beeing it will be removed. Later it could still be added to the Technology API. If an application still wants to have a connection on regular basis it can call the Session Connnect() method. ConnMan is still able to defer any connection request.
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@@ -217,33 +217,6 @@ Settings string Bearer [readonly]
If the system is not online yet this value is ignored.
- uint32 PeriodicConnect [readwrite]
- Indicate that a periodic connection attempt every
- n minutes should be made. The minutes value is a
- suggestion when to connection. There is no guarantee
- that it will be made or will succeed.
- A value of 0 disable this feature.
- This feature is interesting for applications that
- wanna check status on a regular interval. And instead
- of the application waking up and trying to connect,
- this can be centralized nicely and multiple wakeups
- avoided in case no connection is available.
- An example application would be an email client that
- wants to check for new emails every 10 minutes.
- On purpose the smallest setting is 1 minute here since
- waking up more often and trying to set up a connection
- seems rather pointless use case.
- If an interval step has passed this can be nicely
- rescheduled when any connection matching the bearer
- settings becomes available becomes available. Using
- this feature it is also easy to avoid congestion.
boolean EmergencyCall [readwrite]
Boolean representing the emergency mode of the