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@@ -148,19 +148,27 @@ Settings boolean State [readonly]
This is used to indicate which connection is requested
from the session. The state of the session will be
- updated accordingly. Values can be nothing, 'local' or
- 'internet'.
+ updated accordingly. Values can be 'local',
+ 'internet' or 'any'.
'local' means the session requests to be connected,
but does not require specifically to be online.
Therefore State property will be set to 'connected' if
underlying service gets ready and/or online.
'online' means the session requests to be connected,
and online. State property will never get 'connected'
but instead will switch to 'online' if underlying
service gets online.
- No value means the session requests any kind of
- connection and the state will be updated on all steps,
- 'connected' and 'online'. This is the default value.
+ 'any' means either 'local' or 'internet'.
+ Invalid values will be ignored and removed. An
+ empty ConnectionType is an invalid configuration.
+ When a session is created and the provided settings
+ dictionary does not contain ConnectionType, a default
+ session with 'any' will be created.
(This setting will be removed when the unique process
identifaction problem is solved.)