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session: Remove EmergencyCall documentation
The EmergencyCall setting which should be set by the platform integrator and not by the application developer is moved the configuration plugin.
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@@ -180,34 +180,6 @@ Settings string Bearer [readonly]
handovers can happen at any time even if this is
set to true.
- boolean EmergencyCall [readwrite]
- Boolean representing the emergency mode of the
- modem. The Emergency is true if an emergency call or
- related operation is currently active.
- If the emergency application sets this setting to true
- all other session will be informed about the emergency
- situation with setting it also to true. Only the
- emergency application can set back to false.
- As long the EmergencyCall is true no new session can
- be created.
- Only one application is supposed to write this setting
- and therefore it will be protected by additional
- PolicyKit rule so that only the emergency application
- can write.
- The emergency application is expected to call Connect()
- after setting this setting true. If the emergency
- situation is over the application should call
- Disconnect() and also set the EmergencyCall to false
- afterward.
- Note only services matching the AllowedBearers rule
- will be considered.
string RoamingPolicy [readwrite]
The allowed roaming behavior.