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Remove this setting from the D-Bus API and move to the configuration plugin.
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@@ -180,27 +180,6 @@ Settings string Bearer [readonly]
handovers can happen at any time even if this is
set to true.
- string RoamingPolicy [readwrite]
- The allowed roaming behavior.
- Valid policies are "national", "international",
- "default", "always" and "forbidden".
- "national" allows roaming within a country.
- "international" allows roaming in a country and
- between countries.
- "default" is used to tell the Session to use
- the global roaming setting.
- "always" will overwrite the default "forbidden"
- value which is useful for emergency application.
- This value will be protected by additional PolicyKit
- rule.
- Default value is "forbidden".
string Interface [readonly]
Interface name used by the service object to connect.