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session: Move IdleTimeout to Technology API
Having an IdleTimeout per Session is not really reasonable. It is hard to define the right behavoir if the timeouts differ per Session. Doing this per technology is easier to understand and also makes sense when no Session is used. IdleTimeout is only documented here, it's not yet implemented.
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@@ -241,15 +241,6 @@ Settings string Bearer [readonly]
settings becomes available becomes available. Using
this feature it is also easy to avoid congestion.
- uint32 IdleTimeout [readwrite]
- If the system is idle for given period then it should
- go offline.
- If the timeout is 0, this feature is disabled. If
- different values are provided by several session object
- the longest interval is taken as timeout value.
boolean EmergencyCall [readwrite]
Boolean representing the emergency mode of the
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@@ -93,3 +93,11 @@ Properties boolean Powered [readwrite]
This property is only valid for the WiFi technology,
and is then mapped to the WPA pre-shared key clients
will have to use in order to establish a connection.
+ uint32 IdleTimeout [readwrite] [experimental]
+ If the technology is idle for given period then it
+ will go offline if no Service with this technology
+ has AutoConnect set to True.
+ If the timeout is 0, this feature is disabled.