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Properties string State [readonly]
The global connection state of a system. Possible
- values are "online" if at least one connection exists
- and "offline" if no device is connected.
+ values are "offline", "idle", "ready" and "online".
- In certain situations the state might change to
- the value "connected". This can only be seen if
- previously no connection was present.
+ If the device is in offline mode, the value "offline"
+ indicates this special global state. It can also be
+ retrieved via the OfflineMode property, but is kept
+ here for consistency and to differentiate from "idle".
+ The states "idle", "ready" and "online" match to
+ states from the services. If no service is in
+ either "ready" or "online" state it will indicate
+ the "idle" state.
+ If at least one service is in "ready" state and no
+ service is in "online" state, then it will indicate
+ the "ready" state.
+ When at least one service is in "online" state,
+ this property will indicate "online" as well.
boolean OfflineMode [readwrite]