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@@ -23,6 +23,16 @@ Methods void Release()
Possible Errors: net.connman.Agent.Error.Retry
+ void ReportPeerError(object peer, string error)
+ This method gets called when an error has to be
+ reported to the user about a peer connection.
+ A special return value can be used to trigger a
+ retry of the failed transaction.
+ Possible Errors: net.connman.Agent.Error.Retry
void RequestBrowser(object service, string url)
This method gets called when it is required
@@ -58,6 +68,25 @@ Methods void Release()
Possible Errors: net.connman.Agent.Error.Canceled
+ dict RequestPeerAuthorization(object peer, dict fields) [experimental]
+ This method gets called when trying to connect to a
+ peer or when an incoming peer connection is requested,
+ for which some extra input is required. In this case,
+ it will only deal with WPS input as well as accepting
+ or rejecting an incoming connection.
+ The return value should be a dictionary where the
+ keys are the field names and the values are the
+ actual fields. Alternatively an error indicating that
+ the request got canceled or rejected can be returned.
+ The dictionary arguments contains field names with
+ their input parameters.
+ Possible Errors: net.connman.Agent.Error.Canceled
+ net.connman.Agent.Error.Rejected
void Cancel()
This method gets called to indicate that the agent
@@ -107,6 +136,9 @@ Fields string Name
method, or a pin code if user wants to use the pin
+ In case of a RequestPeerAuthorization, this field will
+ be set as mandatory.
string Username
Username for WISPr authentication. This field will be
@@ -254,3 +286,20 @@ Examples Requesting a passphrase for WPA2 network
==> { "Username" : "foo", "Password": "secret" }
+ Requesting a answer about an inconming peer connection:
+ RequestPeerAuthorization("/peer3", {})
+ ==> { }
+ Requesting the WPS details when connecting to a peer:
+ RequestPeerAuthorization("/peer4",
+ { "WPS":
+ { "Type" : "wpspin",
+ "Requirement" : "mandatory"
+ }
+ }
+ ==> { "WPS" : "" }
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@@ -87,6 +87,10 @@ The following options are valid if Type is "wifi"
Prefix the value with "EAP-" to indicate the usage of an EAP-based inner
authentication method (should only be used with EAP = TTLS).
- Passphrase: RSN/WPA/WPA2 Passphrase
+- Security: The security type of the network. Possible values are 'psk'
+ (WPA/WPA2 PSK), 'ieee8021x' (WPA EAP), 'none' and 'wep'. When not set, the
+ default value is 'ieee8021x' if an EAP type is configured, 'psk' if a
+ passphrase is present and 'none' otherwise.
- Hidden: If set to true, then this AP is hidden. If missing or set to false,
then AP is not hidden.
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@@ -156,6 +156,44 @@ Methods dict GetProperties()
Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
+ void RegisterPeerService(dict specification, boolean master)
+ [experimental]
+ Registers a local P2P Peer service
+ Even if p2p techonology is not available, it will be
+ possible to register peer services, since a p2p
+ enabled WiFi device might appear at anytime. The
+ registered peer services will automatically be enabled
+ for the p2p WiFi device; the application does not need
+ to do any re-registration.
+ A Peer service belongs to the process that registers
+ it, thus if that process dies, its Peer services will
+ be destroyed as well.
+ The specification dict follows the format described
+ in the Peer API document.
+ ConnMan will be able to determine in most cases
+ whether to be the P2P Group Owner or not. If the
+ service for some reason must belong to a group that
+ this device manages, the "master" property can be
+ set. Do not enable the "master" property unless it
+ is absolutely sure that this is needed for the
+ provided peer service.
+ Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
+ [service].Error.AlreadyExists
+ [service].Error.NotSupported
+ void UnregisterPeerService(dict specification) [experimental]
+ Unregisters an existing local P2P Peer service
+ Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
+ [service].Error.NotRegistered
Signals TechnologyAdded(object path, dict properties)
Signal that is sent when a new technology is added.
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Connection management algorithm basics
The Session core uses the normal auto-connect algorithm for selecting
which services will be connected or disconnected. That means only
-Services with AutoConnect to set to true will be used. The Session
+Services with AutoConnect set to true will be used. The Session
core will assign a connected Service to a Session if the Service
is matching the AllowedBearer filter.
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
ConnMan policy file format
-The session policy pluging allows to configure/provision a session.
+The session policy plugin allows to configure/provision a session.
ConnMan will be looking for policy files in STORAGEDIR/session_policy_local
which by default points to /var/lib/connman. Policy file names must
not include other characters than letters or numbers and must have
@@ -41,13 +41,13 @@ Allowed fields:
The policy ConnectionType overrules the settings done via
-- Priority: A boolean which tells ConnMan to preferred the session
- over other Sessions. This priority value is more for application
+- Priority: A boolean which tells ConnMan to prefer the session
+ over other Sessions. This priority value is more for applications
that want to push themselves up in the asychronization notification
queue once a bearer becomes online.
This actual priority order also depends on the allowed bearers and
- other factors. This is setting is just a little indicator of one
+ other factors. This setting is just a little indicator for one
application being notified before another one.
- RoamingPolicy: The allowed roaming behavior.