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doc: Add ServicesChanged signal to manager API
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@@ -174,6 +174,29 @@ Signals TechnologyAdded(object path, dict properties)
The object paths are no longer accessible after
this signal and only emitted for reference.
+ ServicesChanged(array{object, dict}, array{object})
+ Signals a list of services that have been changed
+ via the first array. And a list of service that
+ have been removed via the second array.
+ The list of added services is sorted. The dictionary
+ with the properties might be empty in case none of
+ the properties have changed. Or only contains the
+ properties that have changed.
+ For newly added services the whole set of properties
+ will be present.
+ The list of removed services can be empty.
+ This signal will only be triggered when the sort
+ order of the service list or the number of services
+ changes. It will not be emitted if only a property
+ of the service object changes. For that it is
+ required to watch the PropertyChanged signal of
+ the service object.
PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)
This signal indicates a changed value of the given