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@@ -195,21 +195,20 @@ Methods dict GetProperties()
If an application exits unexpectatly the session
will be automatically destroyed.
- fd, dict {settings} RequestPrivateNetwork(dict options)
+ object path, dict, fd RequestPrivateNetwork(dict options)
- Request a new Private Network, whick includes the
+ Request a new Private Network, which includes the
creation of a tun/tap interface, and IP
configuration, NAT and IP forwarding on that
- A file descritor to the interface is returned together
- with the IP, gateway and DNS settings for the
- interface.
+ An object path, a dictionnary and a file descriptor
+ with IP settings are returned.
Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
- void ReleasePrivateNetwork(fd) [experimental]
+ void ReleasePrivateNetwork(object path) [experimental]
Releases a private network.